Events// BEDAZZLED// October - 5, 2016


Location: Lehman College Art Gallery, Bronx (NYC)


Curated by: Bartholomew F. Bland

Gallery Hours: Tues. to Sat. From 10am - 4pm

Reception: Wednesday, October 5, 2016, 6:00- 8:00pm

Disclaimer: All Artworks belong to there respected Artist. Lehman College and its logo's are Trade Marked and fully govern by CUNY. Chaotic Soft is only using these images for fan/viewers purposes only.



Inside of Lehman College's art gallery, there's a show that should brighten your day. Reconsidered everything you though about the word bedazzled. As I have this weekend. Who every though that bedazzling something would be consider art. But once you see this these displays, you'll think different. Bedazzled Art pieces that will open your eyes to a new way of thinking. So, Break out your bedazzled clothing and come see the art of shine already glimmer throughout the Bronx. For a full listing of the pieces, Visit their website!




Immaculate Swarm, 2016.
Located in the main hall, a 15,000 Silver bobby pins piece illuminates the gallery. Created by Megan Suttles. This artist was inspired by the ideas of a swarm. Megan had told me that her art always has a repetition of a pattern. she decribe this peice to me as if we where in any kind of swarm of insects or even a tonardo. Even though you see chaos, everything has it's place and never interfering eachother.
I admirer and respect the time it took for Megan to complete this pieces. This was not an easy task. One should see this piece before it is gone.

Photo of Megan Suttles infront of her piece during the reception on 10/5/2016.

Bedazzled23 Bedazzled2 Bedazzled27 Bedazzled17 Bedazzled24
Bedazzled6 Bedazzled7 Bedazzled10 Bedazzled15

Federico Uribe - Penny Abstract, 2016


Event Photo// Taken by Abraham Martinez.