Events// Maxon Roadshow// November - 10, 2016


Location: P.S. 041 New York City


Event Creator's: Maxon

Date: November 10, 2016

Time: 6:30pm - 10:00pm

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What happened at the Maxon Roadshow

Before I begin, I just want to state that I have no affiliation with any of the shows I go to. I don’t go to these shows as a guest or as a register “Pro”. I go as a normal Guest, buying my ticket like everybody else. I won’t also blog every word by word or play by play about the event. I Just will mention about a few highlights about the show, that I have seen. Without judging. this in mind, Maxon had pulled of a great show today. We began with Mathias Omotola, opening the event. A shout-out to Mathias as well, for the last two (2) years, taking time to always speak to me or any other guest at the event. They are previewing Cinema 4D r18 at the moment. The idea first presentation is shows us how we can use our layers from an illustrator project and extruding them with cinema 4 D plugins, CV ArtSmart. How to use MoGraph's Color Shader with an object. And showing us how we can render the Object Display colors of any object. The object does not have to be controlled by MoGraph. I found this very helpful, so for those of you who are still using adobe Illustrator 8. It’s time to move on. While their where other technics shown, especially with fracturing and the cloner tool. I think we should speak about the Guest of Honor next.



Maxon has once again invited Perception Studios to their roadshow. The team of John Lepore (Chief Creative Officer), Doug Appleton (VFX Director), and Russ Gautier (Art Director) takes the floor. This New York base Graphic Design studios has been turning Hollywood's heads lately. Right straight to their directions as well. If you never heard of this them, It's ok. But You have seen their work most likely. Let’s think Marvel Studio's First. If you have seen their movies, especially their end credits. You then seen the work of Perception. And know they are the creators of the new studio intro logo for their movies. Which debut with Dr. Strange. Today, Perceptions has been explaining how they made their logo with Cinema 4D. Using objects to make their, especially weird shape objects to later make a texture on it is something I love to do.  But these color cats, took this simply method to another level while making it still so easy. the end results are nothing less than 3d masterpiece. We added a link so you can see what we saw at the roadshow. On the funside, during the presentation. The lights went off.


Perception Studios
Marvels Studios New Logo Concept and Design


The Roadshow...

Maxon NYC Roadshow Maxon NYC Roadshow



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Event Photo// Taken by Abraham Martinez.