Privacy Policy

Our Company is committed to the security and privacy of our clients and customers personal information. The Chaotic Soft store is powered by Square. A globally trusted and secure thrid party. allowing us not to store any personal information on our own systems. We don’t create customer login either. Square will only send us your information when you purchase and order on our site.

We will NOT ask you to subscribe to any e-mail newsletter. We will maintain all information you provide to us for only the products that are purchase. Clients work are all done on computers not connect to our website or internet networks devices. The few info we take, will NOT be share with any other entity. There is only one exception, and only if necessary. If it is legally request under United States lawful ways. Such as a court subpoena. And only United States laws.

Advertising Policy, trackers & Use of Cookies

We promote and advertise with Amazon. Once you choose their links, they will redirect you to their site. At that point, we do not have anything to do with what business you conduct with them. Trackers will NEVER be used for any reasons with in our website. No exceptions, we don't need to know where any of our are at. Cookies will rarely be used. If a cookie is used, we will only request limited information only.

We hope we've answered your questions about your privacy and personal information policy. Any questions?

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Updated August, 2022